Tuesday, December 1, 2009

101 Tips for Staying Healthy with Diabetes or Leaving It at the Office

101 Tips for Staying Healthy with Diabetes (and Avoiding Complications)

Author: University of New Mexico Diabetes Care Team

For those with diabetes, developing complications such as kidney disease, heart disease, and eye disease is a constant threat without proper self-care. This completely revised second edition offers the inside track on the latest tips, techniques, and strategies for preventing and treating complications.

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Leaving It at the Office: A Guide to Psychotherapist Self-Care

Author: John C Norcross

Wise, warm, and authoritative, this straight-talking guide addresses the real-world struggles that psychotherapists face in balancing their professional and personal lives. It demonstrates that recognizing and tending to your one's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs not only feels good—it also leads to more effective and ethical practice as a clinician. The book describes and illustrates 12 self-care strategies that are grounded in the authors' extensive research and clinical experience. Interwoven throughout are insights and recommendations from other master therapists, "self-care checklists," and suggestions for further reading. Lively and engaging, this is an ideal resource for a broad range of professionals and students.

Table of Contents:
Valuing the Person of the Psychotherapist     1
Refocusing on the Rewards     18
Recognizing the Hazards   Joan Laidig     35
Minding the Body     64
Nurturing Relationships     72
Setting Boundaries     93
Restructuring Cognitions   Maria A. Turkson     114
Sustaining Healthy Escapes   Rhonda S. Karg     131
Creating a Flourishing Environment     153
Undergoing Personal Therapy     167
Cultivating Spirituality and Mission     183
Fostering Creativity and Growth     197
References     207
Index     229

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