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Helping Students Overcome Depression and Anxiety or Sun Protection for Life

Helping Students Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Author: Kenneth W Merrell

"Depression, anxiety, and other internalizing disorders can have severe and lasting consequences for children and adolescents. This book provides clear-cut strategies for addressing these problems creatively and effectively with students in grades K-12. A concise overview of the nature, development, and course of childhood depression and anxiety is delineated, and a comprehensive assessment model is outlined. Chapters then present a wide range of empirically supported interventions that are easy to implement and readily adaptable to diverse settings. Cognitive-behavioral and psychoeducational techniques are described in jargon-free language, and numerous reproducible worksheets are included to facilitate the practitioner's day-to-day work. Other topics covered include currently available psychiatric medications for depression and anxiety, and when and how a psychiatric referral should be made."--BOOK JACKET.


Merrell (psychology, U. of Iowa) presents strategies for helping students in grades K-12 to overcome depression and anxiety. Aimed at support service professionals who work with at-risk students in school settings, the text describes a variety of intervention techniques. Coverage includes, for example, the development of internalizing problems, linking assessment to intervention, cognitive therapy techniques for depression, behavioral treatments for anxiety, social skills training, and referral guidelines. The volume also includes a section of reproducible worksheets. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Table of Contents:
About This Series
About This Book
Index of Intervention Programs and General Intervention Strategies, with Descriptions of Purpose and Developmental Level
List of Specific Treatment Techniques for Depression and Anxiety, Grouped by Program Component
1Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents1
What Are Internalizing Disorders?1
Four Types of Internalizing Disorders3
Overlap of Internalizing Problems11
Students with Internalizing Problems: Three Case Studies12
2How Depression and Anxiety Develop and Are Maintained17
Development of Internalizing Problems18
Do Specific Influence Require Specific Interventions?22
The Course of Internalizing Problems: Stability and Persistence23
Consequences of Internalizing Problems24
Complications: Sorting Out Related Problems31
3Guidelines for Assessment and Intervention Planning40
What Are the Purposes of Assessment?41
A Model for Designing Assessments42
Recommended Assessment Methods45
Linking Assessment to Intervention55
From Assessment to Treatment Planning60
4Comprehensive Intervention Program for Depression64
Four Comprehensive Intervention Programs65
Which Program Is Best?75
Modifying or Designing Your Own Comprehensive Treatment Program for Depression75
5Changing Thoughts and Beliefs: Cognitive Therapy Techniques for Depression82
Cognitive Therapy for Depression: An Introduction83
Step 1: Developing Awareness of Emotional Variability85
Step 2: Detecting Automatic Thoughts and Identifying Beliefs86
Step 3: Evaluating Automatic Thoughts and Beliefs90
Step 4: Changing Negative Automatic Thoughts and Maladaptive Beliefs96
6Changing Thoughts and Beliefs: Rational-Emotive Therapy, Attribution Retraining, Learned Optimism, and Journal-Writing Strategies for Depression102
Disputing Irrational Thoughts: The RET Approach103
Self-Monitoring and Self-Control Training106
Attribution Retraining and Learning to Be Optimistic107
Writing It Down: Journal Writing as an Intervention Tool112
7Behavior Change, Emotional Education, Interpersonal Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution Strategies for Depression117
Behavioral Interventions for Depression118
Emotional Education124
Interpersonal Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Training132
Social Skills Training137
8Behavioral Treatments for Anxiety: Systematic Desensitization139
Overview of Systematic Desensitization140
Other Behavioral Interventions151
9Social Skills Training and Other Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments for Anxiety157
Self-Control Training for Anxiety158
Self-Instructional Training159
The "Coping Cat" Program for Anxious Youth: An Innovative, Comprehensive Treatment Approach160
The Transfer of Control Approach162
Social Skills Training164
10Finding More Help: Referral Guidelines for Mental Health Counseling, Psychiatric Medications, and Alternative Treatments171
Making Referrals for Mental Health Counseling and Psychiatric Medications172
Using Medications to Treat Children's Social-Emotional Problems: Some Basic Issues and Concerns177
Medications for Treatment of Depression180
Medications for Anxiety-Related Problems184
Alternative Interventions186
App.: Reproducible Worksheets193

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