Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poder Curatico de la Orina or Autism

Poder Curatico de la Orina

Author: May Ana

El uso de la orina para curación existe hace más de cinco mil años. Es una especie de panacea para aliviar muchas de las enfermedades que ha aquejado a la humanidad desde siempre. En la orina se reflejan muchas enfermdades y conociendo las propiedades de la orina y sus diferentes aplicaciones habra dado un gran paso en la prevención definitiva.

(Urine therapy has been around for more than 5000 years. Many uses and many cures can be attributed to urine therapy. Knowing the applications and proper uses is the key of this book.)

Book review: Breakaway Laughter or Heartburn

Autism: The Facts

Author: Simon Baron Cohen

Coping with a diagnosis of autism can be a troubling and confusing experience for parents. Ignorance of this bewildering disorder can provoke difficult decision-making for parents and physicians alike. What causes autism? What happens to children with autism when they grow up? Does autism run in families? What kind of educational setting is best? In this accessible, comprehensive book, the authors have discovered the questions on the minds of parents and professionals, and have attempted to answer them. Autism is a puzzling disorder. It begins in early childhood, and disrupts many aspects of development, leaving the child unable to form social relationships or communicate in the usual way. This fascinating book explains in a clear, straightforward manner what is known about the condition. Helpful appendices identify organizations and resource providers concerned with autism. Written first and foremost as a guide for parents, but required reading for interested professionals, it covers the recognition and diagnosis of autism, its biological and physiological causes, and the various treatments and educational techniques available.

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